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    Western Geography

    Western Geography is the official journal of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers. The objective of the journal is to publish original scholarly work including research notes on geographical themes or topics that emphasize western Canada and adjacent areas, or that are written by geographers from this region. The editor and editorial board invite manuscripts of a methodological, empirical, theoretical, or philosophical nature that fall within this objective.
    As with the first volume of Western Geography under the editorship of Michael Edgell, and continued by Jim Windor, Neil Hanlon and Craig Coburn, submissions from students are encouraged.
    Papers presented at the WDCAG conferences are also encouraged.

    Authors intending to submit manuscripts are encouraged to utilise the submission template.

    For manuscripts and enquiries regarding submissions, and interested Editorial referees, contact:

    daniel Brendle-Moczuk, Managing Editor
    University of Victoria
    3800 Finnerty Road
    Victoria, BC V8P 5C2
    phone: (250) 853-3619

    current Referees:
    David Hill, TRU
    daniel Brendle-Moczuk, UVic
    Valorie Crooks, SFU
    Jennifer Mateer, UVic
    Roger Wheate, UNBC
    Julie Young, ULeth

    Former Editors & Editorial Board
    Craig Coburn, ULeth
    Dianne Draper, UCalgary
    Michael Edgell, UVic
    Neil Hanlon, UNBC
    Stuart Harris, UCalgary
    Greg Halseth, UNBC
    Herbert Kariel, UCalgary
    David Ley, UBC
    Ian MacLachlan, ULeth
    Alister McVey, New Caledonia
    Joanne Moyer, King’s U
    Ross Nelson, TRU
    Roger Rogerson, ULeth
    Pamela Shaw, VIU
    Nadine Shuurman, SFU
    George Sitwell, UofA
    Dan Smith, UVic
    Colin Wood, UVic
    Jim Windsor, New Caledonia
    Tom Waldichuk, TRU

    Volume 24, 2022

    • Using GPS technology to track hitchhiker activity in Northern BC. Shannon Hyrcha, Roy V. Rea, Rory McClenagan, Scott Emmons, and Roger Wheate , 3-15.
    • "Discovering" Inuit Women: Photographer Geraldine Moodie and the Advancement of Canadian Sovereignty in the Arctic. Maura C. Hanrahan , 16-36.
    • Examining Food Security in Inuit Communities. Deanna Andreschefski and Megan Fisk , 37-46.
    • Key Ingredients for University Leadership in Fostering Climate Action. Don Alexander, 47-61.
    • GIS assessment of riparian reserve widths in critical habitat for the Salish Sucker (Catostomus sp.) in British Columbia since the Species at Risk Act was enacted. Natalie Bruner, Karen Steensma, and Mike Pearson, 62-83.

    Volume 23, 2018

    • Forests, fire histories, and futures of Columbian and Rocky Mountain forests, western Canada. Davis,E.L.; Mustaphi, C.C. and Pisaric, M.F.J. , 3-11.
    • Reducton of wildland-urban-interface fire risk in Kelowna, Canada. de Scally, D.G.; de Scallym F.A. and Senese, D.M. , 12-35.
    • Analytical framework for community resilience:A case study of Devon, Alberta. Jahan, N. and Deacon, L. , 36-55.
    • A classroom contemplation: who is empowered to lead discourse and define paradigms? – Casting a glance at knowledge production. Stammler, M. and Meletis, Z.A. , 57-59.
    • Faith-Based Environmental Work in Canada: A Profile. Moyer, J., 60-85.

    Volume 22, 2016

    • Assessing walkability: Comparison of street segment indices for the James Kennedy Elementary School catchment, Township of Langley, BC. Heineman, A. and Jordan. G.J., 3-17.
    • Travel mode and school catchment area: A case study in Langley, BC McGowan, A.E.; Jordan, G.J.; Spinney, J.E.L. and Jordan, D.A., 18-31.
    • The changing cultural differences between Japanese and Canadian inner rural-urban fringe residential landscapes: The rural idyll and estate homes. Waldichuk, T., 32-42.
    • The GBCs Glacier Image Alphabet: A new climate change learning tool using Google Earth. Howey, L. and Jiskoot, H., 43-49.
    • Sustainable suburban development in British Columbia: How the master planned communities Westhills and Partington Creek follow sustainable development practices. Janota-Bzowska, K.A., 50-55.
    • Landscapes of Illth: Applying Ruskin to contemporary cultural landscape geography. Noble, J. and Ferber, M., 56-66.
    • Trash talk in Edmonton: The implications of converting garbage to greenery along the Edmonton River valley. Valiquette, M-J. , 67-82.
    • Precipitation gradients at the crest of a British Columbia coastal mountain range. Cashion, F.C. and de Scally, F.A., 83-107.
    • Simulating land use change in a southern Interior watershed in British Columbia. Anputhas, M., Janmaat, J., Nichol, C. and Wei, A., 108-128.

    Volume 20 & 21, 2014/15

    • Re-Locating the orchards of Victoria, BC: Re-connecting with the land. Brendle-Moczuk, D., 4-9.
    • Feminicidio: Placing Gendered Violence in Guatemala. Nolin, C. and Fraser, C., 10-38.
    • The Impact of a Local Bypass in the Tokyo Urban Fringe on One Small Hamlet in Ushiku City, Japan. Waldichuk, T., 39-45.
    • Scanning for Sustainable Community Development in the Bolivian Highlands. Hernandez, G.; Ardis, L. and Mollinedo, A., 46-62.
    • Place-based Curriculum: Revealing Student Connections with Community through Walking Tours. Reid, R.; Naqvib, K. and Waldichuk, T. , 63-69.
    • Temperature, Precipitation, and Snowfall Trends on the Coast of Vancouver Island. Edwards, R., 70-86.
    • Investigating Donor Patterns. Younger, A., 87-101.
    • The role of hydrologic fluxes in the monthly water balance and water chemistry of a small coastal headwater lake. Martin, J.E., 102-126. .
    • Copenhagenize Vancouver? Perspectives on bicycling after a semester abroad. Picard, A., 127-132.
    • Shorebirds, Wolves, Dogs and Beaches: Human-Wildlife Conflict in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Bowes, M.; Keller, P.; Gifford, R. and Rollins, R., 133-134.
    • Troubling the Conventional: Notes from a Café-Style Session on Feminist Geographies at WDCAG 2014. Hawkins, B., 135-138.
    • The Commodification of Rural Space for Recreation and Tourism in Central Japan. Tabayashia, A. and Oishi, T., 139-141.
    • A Tale of Three Universities: Sustainability, from theory to practice. Alexander, D. and Jack, P., 142-143.

    Volume 17/18/19, 2007/08/09

    Volume 15/16, 2005/06

    Volume 13/14, 2003/04

    Volume 12, 2002

    Volume 10/11, 2000/01

    Volume 8/9, 1998/99

    Volume 7, 1997, Special Edition: Focus on Alberta

    Volume 5/6, 1995/96

    Volume 4, 1994

    Volume 3, 1993

    • The Migration of Filipina Caregivers to Canada: A Case Study for Contemporary Migration Theory, Mikita, J., 1-14.
    • Networks of Power: Cartography as Ideology, Brealey, K.G., 15-30.
    • Social Change and Crime in Hong Kong: A Spatial Analysis, Lee, D., 51-70.
    • Temperature Trends at Prince George, British Columbia (1943-1991), Raphael, C., 71-84.
    • Work in Progress on the Dasein of the Shakespearean Landscape, Chamberlain, P.G., 85-108.

    Volume 2, 1992

    • Geography's Paradox at the Beginning of the 1960s: An Opinion, McVey, J.A., 1-18.
    • Transportation and Urban Form: A Comparison of Seattle and Vancouver, Murray, P., 19-32.
    • A Comparative Study of Canadian Condominium Owners and Renters, Meligrana, J., 33-46.
    • The University of Northern British Columbia: Its Economic Importance, Reid, M.; Enemark, L. and Rowbotham, L., 47-66.
    • What Geography Is There In Local History?, , Dijks, I.J. and Jankunis, F.J., 67-79.

    Volume 1(1), 1990

    • Boundary Lines in the Prairie Geographical Imagination, Warkentin, J., 1-6.
    • Economic Imperatives: The Historical Development of Land Reclamation in Japan Cavezza, M., 7-23.
    • Legume Production and Efficiency in the Southern Peace River Region, Skretowicz, A.L.; Bailey, W.G.; and Mills, P.F., 24-33.
    • Debris Torrent Hazard in Eastern Fraser and Coquihalla Valleys, Slaymaker, O., 34-48.
    • Application of the Priestley-Taylor Evaporation Model and its Variants in Canada, Valentine, D.A. and Bailey, W.G. , 67-79.

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